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Whole Body Vibration


The first applications of vibration for the improvement of human performance were developed in ancient Greece. As a therapy, the whole body vibration (sometimes abbreviated as WBC) was explored by Russian Scientists who tested vibration on astronauts in an effort to decrease the loss of muscle nad bone mass in space. Recently whole body vibration platform have been popularized and in home gyms as one of the hotest new trends in exercise.

Because more muscle fibers (also known as motor units) are activated under the influence of vibration than in norma, conscious muscle contractions the muscles are incited more efficiently (Paradisis & Zacharogiannis_2007 [11]; Lamont et al. 2006 [12]; Cormie et al 2006 [13];_Bosco et al. 1999 [9], 2000 [14]; Rittweger 2001 [15], 2002 [16]; Abercromby et al. 2005 [17]; Amoette et al. 2005 [18]). The immediate effect of WBV s therefore that the muscles can be used quickly and effciently, rendering then capable of producing more force. Howevr, this process will only be effective if the stimulus is not too intense and does not last too long, because otherwise performance will diminish due to fatigue.

body_vibrationAnother immediate effect of WBV is an improvement if circulation. The rapid contraction and relaxation of the muscles at 20 to 50 times per second basically works as a pump on the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, increasing the speed of the blood flow through the body (Kerschan-SCHINDL ET AL 2001 [19]; lOHMAN ET AL.2007 [20]). subjects often experience this as a tingling, Prickling, warm sensation in the skin. Both Stewart (2005 [21]) and Oliveri (1989 [22]) describe the appearance of vasodilatation (widening of the blood vessels) as s result of vibration.

Long term effects of WBV In order to have any effects on the body term it is vital that the body systems experience fatigue or some sort of light stress. As in other kinds of training, when the body is overloaded repeatedly and regularly, the principle of supercompensation will occur. This princple is the cause of the body adapting to loading. In other words: performance will increase.

Another important difference between conventional training methods and WBV is theat there is only a minimum of loading. No additional weights are neceesary, which ensures that there is very liitle loading to the passive structures such as bones, ligaments and joints. That is why WBV is extremely suited to people that are difficult to train due to old age, disease, disorders, weight or injury. Onthe other hand, it is also very suitable for professional athletes who want to stimulate and strengthen their muscles without overloading joints and the rest of the physical system (Cochrane et al 2005 [26]; Mahieu et al 2006 [27]). Whole body vibration training is an excellent adjunct to the Lipo Laser (LipoLaser) treatments and can help accelerate the results of any treatment.