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Herbal Inch Loss Body Wraps

Our herbal inch loss body wraps help you lose unwanted inches, fast. You’ll relax in a comforably warm mummy-style wrap of cotton strips soaked in all natural aloe vera and herb solution that will leave your skin silky soft and smooth. The cleansing herbs will penetrate into your fatty deposits and cellulite, dissipating toxins from the fat cells into your lymph system, resulting in inch loss.

In the 24 hours after your wrap session you will need to drink about a gallon of water to flush those toxins out of your body, resulting in additional inch loss.


Sudatonic Weight Loss Treatment

This extremely safe treatment helps to break down fat reserves using all natural, sea-based creams designed to promote fat-mobilization, detoxification and improve blood circulation. ~ $119

Results are visible in just one session and include:

  • Loss of up to 3 pounds
  • Up to 5% body fat reduction per session
  • Visibly firmer skin
  • Burns hundreds of calories per session
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite

Full Body Wrap

For ultimate overall results, this deluxe experience offers maximum inch loss and total body detoxification. A loss of 5 to 15 inches is guaranteed!~ $79

Alpha Detox Session

Relax, burn calories and draw out toxins and impurities in our European Alpha Spa Massage Capsule.!~ $65

Mini Body Wrap

Target that hard-to-lose mid-section, from your knees to under your bust. Lose inches and give your skin a sleek, slimmer look. A loss of 5 to 8 inches is guaranteed! ~ $69

Contour Body Wrap

This Contour wrap will visibly smooth cellulite, slim inches and shape your body. Contour wraps have been proven to reduce Cellulite for over 30 years. Each treatment targets the true source of cellulite by cleansing the tissues where cellulite is trapped.! ~ $159

Male Mid-Section Wrap

Target that troublesome mid-section, chest and arms. Firms and tones your skin for better appearance. A loss of 3 to 7 inches is guaranteed! ~ $55

Slim & Tone Advanced Body Sculpting

The perfect body shaping treatment, our Slim & Tone Advanced Body Sculpting program can dissolve the fat inside the body and tone the muscle. ~ $99.95

Benefits include:

  • Improving body microcirculation
  • Improved metabolic rate
  • Bulk of fat cells diminished
  • Tightened Skin