Cellulite Reduction Testimonial

I remember my first wrap: I came out feeling more relaxed and better than I had in years. I lost over 21 inches! Now, 7 years later, I enjoy them as much as I did the first time. I continue to visit weekly for body wraps, GX-99s, and Sudatonics, and I get results EVERY TIME!!

Diane Robinson

I have been going to the Center Sanctum for over 6 years for all my weight loss and body shaping needs. I really notice a huge difference in my clothes. I feel the most effective treatments are the Slim N’ Tone, the Sudatonic, and of course the GX-99. The staff at The Center Sanctum are highly trained and very professional. They make me feel extremely comfortable – in fact, they make me feel good about myself. With The Center Sanctum’s weight loss program and body treatments, I have been able to achieve my goals. I have lost pounds and clothing sizes. And… My husband thinks I’m hot! Thank you Center Sanctum!

Lisa Harvel

I have been taking GX-99 treatments at the Center Sanctum in Newark and have noticed a change in the appearance of my legs. After each treatment, my legs have good circulation and I feel so much better in the thigh area of my pands. It also gives good contour and helps the appearance of my varicose veins. I enjoy the treatments because of the benefits and great results.

Susan Balsley