Natural Weight Loss Testimonial

I started getting full body wraps back in February of 2006. I wanted to do something for me for a change, and I know other people who had success through Center Sanctum’s weight loss programs. I was wearing a size 24 pant and near a 26 top when I started the wraps – I weighed close to 200 pounds. I took advantage of a special package offer on the wraps and after the first one, I’d lost over 20 inches. I was amazed and it felt wonderful. I love the warmth of the wraps on my legs, as I suffer from arthritis and moist heat helps the pain. I’ll admit I was nervous at first because of the Capsule I was going to lay in – I thought I would get clausterphobic. But I didn’t. It was spacious and with the cool refreshing air blowing on my face, along with the soothing music, I actually felt like I was in another world, on the beach. I began to visit as frequently as possible and followed The Center Sanctum meal plans. Other people told me that the inches lost would come back, that it would be a waste of money, but they were wrong. The inches have stayed off and my metabolism started picking up with each additional treatment. I’ve now lost 45 pounds and five sizes, and I continue to lose inches every time I go. I tell all my friends and family to try it out for themselves. It is truly an awesome experience and the ladies there are super friendly and confidential. I would recommend the Center Sanctum to anyone!

Belle Shaw

I have been going to the Center Sanctum for over 6 years for all my weight loss and body shaping needs. I really notice a huge differenge in my clothes. I feel the most effective treatments are the Slim N’ Tone, the Sudatonic, and of course the GX-99. The staff at The Center Sanctum are highly trained and very professional. They make me feel extremely comfortable – in fact, they make me feel good about myself. With The Center Sanctum’s weight loss program and body treatments, I have been able to achieve my goals. I have lost pounds and clothing sizes. And… My husband thinks I’m hot! Thank you Center Sanctum!

Lisa Harvel